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Nestled in the desert of Jodhpur area, Pukhrajgarh, new boutique hotel build by weavers family in salawas village. Pukhrajgarh invites visitors to experience this outstanding traditional and heritage property which has been transformed into one of the boutique hotels in Rajasthan. Here every guest feel part of family so this is real homestay experience in jodhpur.

Much more than just a place to stay, Not only hotel, Pukhrajgarh is a testament to the beauty, homestay and charm of old-world Artisan showcasing an array of decorative styles and landscaped gardens where guest live part of family as well. The palace was restored to its former glory in 2017 and converted into an all-suite luxury and traditional hotel. The modern, minimalist design of its interior juxtaposes with the ancient and ornate architecture of its exterior.

Pukhrajgarh offers visitors 10 unique traditional hut suites to vacation in, each offering an experience unmatched by any other hotel in Jodhpur. Melding luxury and beauty seamlessly, each hut offers visitors their pick of modern facilities. With amazing views of the hill and the countryside. Pukhrajgarh lets you soak in the tranquil landscape of Rajasthan, away from the bustle of every day life. With spacious gardens and courtyards within the complex, visitors will find themselves lost in a timeless period, where the past and present merge to form an adventure like no other.


Rooms & Suites

Pukhraj Suite Cottage

₹ 7400/ Night

Weaver Suite Cottage

₹ 5500/ Night

Raika Suite Cottage

₹ 4500/ Night